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Hip Hop


Baby Flamenco 2-3 yrs
Baby Flamenco 3-4 yrs
BEG/INT Hip Hop 5-7 yrs BEG Jazz 8-10 yrs
Tiny Tot Flamenco 5-7 yrs BEG/INT Hip Hop 8-10 yrs  INT/ADV Jazz 11-13 yrs
BEG Flamenco 7-8 yrs INT/ADV Hip Hop 11-13 yrs
BEG Flamenco 9-11 yrs  INT/ADV Contemporary 10-13 yrs
BEG Flamenco 12-14 yrs  ADV Contemporary 14+ yrs
BEG Flamenco 14-17 yrs
BEG Flamenco Adult  Dance Technique
INT Flamenco 8-10 yrs
INT Flamenco 10-12 yrs
INT Flamenco 12-14 yrs
INT Flamenco 14-25 yrs ADV Flamenco/Company
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Class Schedule

*All classes/time/instructors subject to change.

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