Class Placement
Zermeño Dance Academy instructors reserve the right to place students in the appropriate class based on their age and skill level. We will do our best to work with each dancer/parent to choose the most appropriate class for their level. Dancers must have 3-4 years experience to be considered “Intermediate/Advanced”. Years of dance  experience does not always determine a dancers level.  Age levels on the Class Schedules are a rough guide to help with class placements. Students are not required to fit in the age guide for any class. Classes must have a minimum of five (5) students in order to remain an “active” class. In the case of a class going “in-active”, students can be moved into a similar class/level.
Missed classes will not result in pro-rated tuition and cannot be credited towards the following months tuition. There will be no class on National Holidays or during public schools Thanksgiving, Winter and Spring Breaks! We typically follow the Santa Barbara School District’s school schedule. Email reminders will sent throughout the year.   

-Labor Day                                                   -Veterans Day

-Thanksgiving Break                                    -Winter Break

-Martin Luther King Day                              -Presidents Day

-Memorial Day                                              -4th of July

Students can make up a class by attending any class of a similar age and level.  Make up classes must be attended within a month of the missed class. If a classed is missed, tuition is still expected by 8pm on the 1st of each month to hold your dancers spot in the class. NO EXCEPTIONS. Please contact for questions regarding make up class placements. There will be no refunds if a dancer drops classes in the middle of the month, have other commitments, or leave for vacation. Students who register in the middle of a month can receive pro-rated tuition prices, only for the month of registration. Does not apply when missing 2 or more classes in a month.

Students MUST attend every class with their hair pulled back into a bun, ponytail or braid.   

Flamenco – flamenco skirt, flamenco or character shoes, leotards or fitted tops.-No Jeans underneath skirts please!

Dance Technique – Lycra bottoms, fitted tops or leotards, jass shoes or jazz paws. No Jeans.

Jeans of any kind (shorts, pants, skirts) are never to be worn to dance class.

Dropping/Adding Classes
Adding/Dropping classes must happen within the first week of the month. If a student would like to add a class after they are already enrolled, they are welcome to do a free trial class, at which time they must inform the instructor that they are trying the class. Added or dropped classes will not become official until an ADD/DROP for is filled out and signed by both parties (dancer/parent guardian and studio representative). Any extra tuition associated with the class should be clearly stated on the add/drop form, and due upon the first date attended to the added class.*All forms MUST be dropped off in the DROP OFF BOX located in the waiting area in Suite B. To ensure that you do not get billed after you have dropped a class, please make sure to come in and fill out a Drop/Add Form (or mail a letter) so that we may remove you from that class list and our billing records. PLEASE ADVISE: UNTIL A ADD/DROP FORM IS COMPLETED, SIGNED AND DATED YOU ARE STILL CONSIDERED A PARTICIPATING STUDENT IN CLASS, AND WILL BE BILLED ACCORDINGLY. If you are re-enrolling in the same season, after having dropped all classes from the studio, there will be a re- enrollment fee of $15.   


     Class Privacy                                                                 

Parents/Guardians are NOT permitted to sit inside the studio during any class (privates or group classes), as can be distracting and uncomfortable for the dancers. Parents/Guardians are welcome to watch from the waiting areas located outside of each studio. We encourage all parents/guardians to come in to film choreography for the last 3-5 minutes of class (especially during performance seasons! Videos should not be posted publicly without the consent of the dance instructors.

$85 per hour with Daniela

$60 per hour with other Dance Staff

Please consider other dancers when canceling privates. With enough time, we can schedule another dancer in the cancelled private time slot.

Cancellations must be made 12 hours in advanced or a $25 cancellation fee will be added to students account.

Privates can be scheduled by contacting Danny at  or (805) 708-7555

Estimated 2024 Fiesta Costs
*Please keep in mind all costs are based off previous years and are only estimates
 Extra Classes  $60 *students are required to attend 2-3 extra classes between June-July 2021
 Accessories  $150-$250
 Material Fees  $85-$140
 Seamstress Costs  $250-$450 per dress
 Extra Costs  $75-$250 (shoes, spray paint, privates, extra accessories, etc.)
Class Descriptions
Flamenco: Spanish dance style originated in Spain. Includes skirt work and rhythmic hand clapping/footwork.  Dance Technique: Focuses on basic dance technique and core training (foot placement/positions, posture, turn control/technique). The most effective and important base technique for all dancers.


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